RFID Automatic Parking Management

Enhance your parking experience with our RFID based Automatic parking solution that completely transforms the way vehicles move in and out of buildings.


Robato systems provides automatic parking system imbedded with RFID technology to help quick and secure movement of vehicles in parking areas. We are offering Automatic Parking System for gated communities, corporate office buildings, shopping complexes, residential apartments, hospitals and academic institutions. Our RFID based Automatic parking solution works in the integration of RFID tags, RFID readers and automatic boom barriers to offer multiple benefits.

RFID is known as Radio-frequency identification, an automatic identification method to read data from RFID tags. RFID technology is a ground-breaking development that changed the pace of many industries including ... the parking industry. RFID networks include different types of automation technologies such as RFID readers, RFID writers, RFID barcode scanners, RFID smart sensors and RFID controllers. The main components of RFID based Automatic parking system are RFID readers, RFID tags, computers, Boom barriers, software and VMS parking signage boards. The RFID readers, RFID tags and boom barriers controls the check-ins and checkouts of the parking premises. The VMS parking signage boards provide the information to parkers about the vacant and non-vacant lots in the parking areas. RFID technology also collects the parking fees automatically without stopping the vehicles. The RFID technology has successfully created an entirely automatic parking system that requires very low work force for operation.

The RFID technology based Automatic parking system minimizes the need of work force and controls the parking areas automatically with vehicle control and identification systems. In addition, it automatically identifies the vehicle entries and exits and collects the parking lot charges via this system. It provide fast, secure and convenient check-in/check-out of vehicles.

RFID Automatic Parking benefits to Owner & Motorist

The man-power cost will decreased with RFID based automatic parking system.
Only registered vehicles can get entry to parking area with RFID Tags.
The RFID based Automatic Parking system increases security and automized parking facility.
Parking data availability for management to generate several types of reports.
User friendly parking management software – Online and offline.
Automatic Check-in and check-out in fast manner without stopping the vehicles.
Reduce the traffic jams in the parking premises.
It reduces the emission of gases due to burning of fuel by avoiding long queues of the vehicles in the parking lots.
RFID technology is much more secure compared to other networks.
RFID based automatic parking system will increase the efficiency of parking lots.
Automatic parking system attracts the parkers, enhance revenues of the parking owners.

Mixed Automatic Parking System for Corporate offices

Mixed Parking solution for multiple corporates in single parking area where multiple companies are using common parking area. If you face a problem to manage mixed parking lots that can used by several companies in a building then we have an advance RFID parking solution for you. Define the maximum parking lots limit to each company and deploy our Robato Systems RFID Mixed Automatic Parking Solution. RFID Mixed Parking System can automatically manages the vehicle entry and exit of different companies as per defined parking lots limit.

If parking lots occupied limit reach to maximum for specific company then no vehicle registered with company get entry to parking system. However, other companies’ vehicle can get automatic entry to parking area if there parking lots still not fully occupied or reach to maximum limit.

ParkLogix parking management system software provides user friendly dashboard to see the parking logs, entry and exit of vehicles in mixed parking area for administrative purposes. Boom barrier gate integrated with parking control panel, and control panel connected to computer having Robato’s ParkLogix Parking Management System Software.

RFID based car parking system

Automatic Parking System for Societies & Apartments

RFID parking at societies

Robato System’s RFID based Automatic parking system is a smart, secure solution for the housing societies, apartments, and gated communities. The automatic parking solution ensures hassle free entry and exits of the vehicles of the residents with stopping them for logbook entries. It adds an additional layer of security to the residential areas.

Our RFID based Automatic parking solution is an automatic and an efficient monitoring system, which allows access of only RFID tagged and registered cars in the premises and helps in managing easy in/out access. The parking solution is also imbedded with our application to manage, maintain, update and share all the records related to RFID data fetched on different user interfaces like mobile append web dashboards.

Benefits of RFID based Automatic Parking System to residents
It assures tracking of movement of every vehicle in the Residential premises.
It enhances security of the residential societies by preventing entry of non-registered vehicles.
It provides visitor management by allowing entry after proper verification.
It enhances the comfort of residents by ensuring seamless entry and exit of the vehicles.

Automatic Parking System for School, College & Universities

Robato System’s RFID based Automatic parking system for schools, colleges and universities is an automatic and secure system to allow entry/exit of students, faculties and visitors. It ensures hassle-free in/out of the vehicles and avoids traffics especially during the peak times of opening and closing of the academic institutions.

The RFID based Automatic parking solution provides RFID tags to the registered vehicles of students, faculties and other administration staffs. The RFID readers read the tags and allow the entry/exit of the vehicles through boom barriers. It is the best solution to the parking problems on any campus.

With the growth of population, the number of enrollments in the campuses is increasing and more students own and drive a car as compared to the past. So, parking is becoming the most widespread problem in the colleges and universities. In addition, when drivers go around looking for a parking space it adds to worries and may also add to pollution in the campuses.

Hence, Automated-parking system is the best solution to parking problems on any campus. It provides smooth entry/exit of vehicles and by lowering the time spent for parking, makes the campus a safer and healthier place for the students. It also ensures safety and security of vehicles inside the campus premises by preventing parking at illegal places by students. It also enhances the security of campuses by avoiding the entry of any outsider vehicle inside the premises, improves the quality of life, and enhances the image of institutions and universities.

rfid based parking at universities

Working of RFID based Automatic Parking System

The RFID is the wireless transmit data by making use of radio frequency waves. Tagging vehicle with the RFID tag helps the users to identify them uniquely, automatically and quickly.

The RFID reader emits radio frequency waves that detected by the RFID tag and in return, it transfers tag id and data to the reader. Reader than transfers the tag data to the control panel and the data verified by it or it can verified at connected computer system by parking management system software. If the data is accurate, control panel sends signals to the boom barrier to open. RFID tags contain integrated circuit and antenna that transmits the data to the RFID Reader. The reader then uses tag data and transforms it into an operational form. RFID technology has changed the pace of parking industry completely and has made life a lot simpler.

The RFID readers, RFID tags and Boom barriers controls the check-in and check-out of vehicles from parking lots. If the parking lots are running out of vacant space, the RFID based automatic parking system does not open the boom barrier for the entry of vehicle. The VMS parking signage boards show the real-time parking lots availability, if parking is full then its displays “Parking full” on it else its shows available parking lots. At the end, RFID readers automatically collects the parking charges at the exit without stopping the vehicle.

At simple level, RFID system in automatic parking industry consists of five components:

Robato RFID Tags- assigned to all the vehicles
RFID Reader
Robato RFID Reader- To read from and/or write to tags
Control Panel
Control Panel
Boom Barrier
Boom Barrier
RFID Parking Software
Parking Management Software

Installed at entry and exit points of the parking facility. The readers read the signals being broadcasted by the RFID Tags displayed on each vehicle when the vehicle approaches near to entry/exit.

Long Range RFID Reader

Receiving frequency: 433MHZ
Send frequency: 38K
Reader angle: 90 °
Means of communication: RS485, Veigand26 Veigand34
Data rate: 9600bps (RS232)
Operating voltage: DC9V ~ 18V
Reading distance: 15 meters
Operating Humidity: 10% to 90%
Operating Temperature: -40 ℃ to 80 ℃
Weight / Size: 4Kg/250mm * 260mm * 65mm (W * H * D)
Robato RFID Reader

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