Smart Andon System: Empower your production floor

Real time data to make faster and smarter decisions. A fully automatic cloud based monitoring system and AndonLogix software connect to all machines for visualization of real time data.


Our Smart Andon system brings a cloud based monitoring on your production floors to provide real time manufacturing information. It ensures constant identification of production bottlenecks to minimize down time and efficiently improves product manufacturing.

Smart Andon for quality control

An Andon system is one of the principal components of quality control of a production system. Andon is a manufacturing term referring to a system to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problem. It was first pioneered by Toyota production systems. It helps in providing immediate assistance to the workers when a defect is found in the production line without halting the process for longer hours.

The main reasons behind the need of Andon system are defects created or found, tool malfunction or the existence of safety problems. These problems stopped the work until the problems get solved. An Andon system not only alerts about the problems but also listed them to a database so that they can be studied in continuous improvement program and helps in preventing their occurrence in future.

Robato’s Andon systems can include text, graphics, or audio elements and visual display system. Coded tones, music with different tunes corresponding to the various alerts and pre-recorded verbal messages can also be incorporated for the audio alerts.

Smart Andon System
Smart Andon Solution
Smart Andon System for quality control
Smart Andon System: Need of an hour
Benefits of Smart Andon System

Smart Andon System: Need of an hour

A modular Andon system to meet your immediate needs, and then can be modified and scaled as your operation evolves.

Provides visualization of production with customizable real time dashboards to enable workers about the production goals.

Delivers real time data to monitor and diagnose recurring problems and to take immediate necessary actions through signboard or LED displays integrating signal lights.

Electro-Matic Visual’s FactoryVision product line of industrial LED/TV displays and Andon systems aids all the visual management needs with proven systems in different types of major industries, including: automotive, aerospace, material handling, and food and beverages.

The system may include a means to stop production so the issue can be corrected.
Benefits Andon System

Andon Benefits: Get visibility into your production floor

Enhanced communication among the operators and engineers with a combined system of digital signage on the production floor, Andon lights, and email alerts.

Allows workers to alert key decision makers about problems on the production floor so that immediate corrective action can be taken.

Provides improved quality of products and better continuous opportunities.

Reduces downtime to boost OEE and helps in quality improvement.

Increases production levels, and decreases waste.

Connect to any modern CNC Machine with our smart control unit and FactoryVision Software by the Ethernet, Modbus, WiFi, Radio technology.

Robato’s FactoryVision Software on the edge processes data from the machine in real-time and streams the data securely to the Robato’s or your cloud server.
Features Andon System

Andon Features: for soo many levels

Role-based alarms to notify the correct person at the right time.

Integrate with existing Andon lights system.

Integrate with MES or ERP systems.

Digital alerts on operator HMIs and factory floor displays.

Built-in reporting to track alerts over time and response time.

Indicates machine related and non-machine related issues.

Real-Time production information available online Robato's Server or your server.

Wide range of communication options: WiFi, Modbus, Ethernet LAN, Radio technology etc.

Why Andon System required at production and manufacturing floor ?

production and manufacturing floor
It is very essential to manage the exact status of days schedule in real time for any manufacturing unit.

Andon system locates the problem of the production unit in shorter time and creates huge savings by eliminating the speed loss.

LabView based Andon Displays are a big change and innovation for the production lines as these create continuous communication with the line PLCs to know the exact status of the process.

Andon systems contains in built algorithms to detects the problems (if arises) and highlights them on the visual display boards.

All the production line data is recorded to MySQL database so that reports can be generated subsequently.
In addition to the visual display system notification, another feature incorporated by Robato’s is audio message alerts.

Beside supporting partially to the sighted workers, it helps to those members of the team which are fixed on their assignments or have their sight impacted by wearable accessories.

The integration of both audio and visual elements for notification to the users makes Smart Andon system a better product and more advanced.

Moreover, the Smart Andon system can be tailored according to the need of the individual business.

Our Smart Andon system is integrated by two main systems: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the use of alarms to notify the right personnel about the specific issue, reporting of track signals and response times.
Why Andon System required

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