Smart Visitor Management System

The visitor management system helps with the effective control of the visitors in a particular area, maintaining records of the visitors along with the issuance of gate passes to the visitors. It helps in managing the security of an area by preventing entry of unauthorized personals in the premises.


In traditional way, organizations are maintaining manual register entries for Visitor Management which is time taking and difficult to maintain. It is almost impossible to generate visitor’s entries and exit reports after months end or year-end. No visual proofs maintained for visitors, which plays vital role in security of an organizations.


Benefits of Visitor Management System


  • Robato’s Visitor Management System is the best-fit solution to overcome all traditional problems.
  • This system acts as basic locks and keys used in the homes to access entry but works with Barcodes.
  • Visitor Management System is totally control by computers, barcode scanner and readers to provide the access that provides ease of management, enhances security, improved functionality over the manual systems.
  • Provides automatic counts of the visitors.
  • Visitor photograph saved in server database with entry and exit time along with visiting purpose.
  • Company guard provides barcode enabled Visitor paper slip to visitor using our VMS software.

Key Features of Visitor Management System

Pre - Appointment

Always a pre-appointment by the host from their visitor by giving the arrival details of their visitor will be mandatory. Prior notification to the reception and security officials about their visitor will save the time.

Check-In & Check-Out of visitors through OTP Verification

OTP verification is required during both check in and check out of the visitor. Therefore, the details of the visitor are accurate and cannot be fiddled.

Allow/Deny Permission by Host

Host gives the meeting confirmation before the generation of visitor pass using “Allow/Deny” feature of the software.

Alert for Overstay

Both host and security personal get alert notification via SMS and Email if the visitor stays for long time period in the premises than the given meeting duration.

Identification Details Capture

Besides the OTP verification, Robato’s VMS also captures the ID details of the visitors and stores in the administration portal for security so that these details can be retrieved in future if needed.

Re-visit for visitors

If a visitor is visiting the premises again, previously stored information will be used to generate the gate pass.


We provide fully featured security system to our clients that is customizable and cost-effective according to needs of our client's.

Visitor Reports & Data Analysis

The data of visitors can be generated quickly and at any time when needed, daily, weekly or monthly. In case of emergency, it is easy to track visitor’s check-in and check-out timings and purpose of visit from anywhere and anytime.

Smart Visitor Management System with Kiosk & Mobility

Visitor Management System - Work Flow

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