Do you have a Solid Waste Management Problem?

Waste management is a biggest and current problem faced by India in these days. As everyone is following the slogan of SWACHH BHARAT but nobody knows how to manage the waste effectively. Many waste management plants are being built at different places by the government but still these are facing many problems such as lack of control on truck’s route/schedule compliance, garbage collection, garbage transport, garbage dumping, no record of waste collected, dumping yard management and lack of Management Information System - MIS to ensure city’s Solid Waste Management performed as expected.

To overcome these problems, Robato System provides a Smart Solid Waste management solution. This system ensures the tracking of the vehicles used for collecting solid waste, weighing of the waste, maintains records automatically using our software and provides real time data to the management.


Smart Solid waste management converts the waste to wealth


MAJOR PAIN AREA'S of Solid Waste Management

Lack of information of total collected waste (Wet / Dry) at transfer stations.
Lack of tracking of waste collecting vehicles.
Lack of overall control at different sites leads to misuse of funds and facilities.
Lack of transparency to the higher authorities.
Lack of records to implement future prospective.

Smart Solid waste management system for Smart Cities


As India moves towards Smart Cities concept under “Swachh Bharat Mission”, Indian cities require a marked improvement in Solid Waste Management – SWM to provide a clean and hygienic environment to city residents. By combining a host of technologies such as Internet of Things (IOT), Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), RFID, Smart Camera’s, Remote Announcement Control and other sensing devices, it is possible to create an IT system for Smart Solid Waste Management, which is adaptable, sustainable and radically more efficient.

Solid Waste Management System for recognition of hidden wealth

Smart Solid Waste Management System is the solution to all the above discussed problems in manual Solid Waste Management. Smart, secure, connected and fully automatic centralized controlled system for Indian cities for better coverage of door-to-door and community garbage collection, better tracking of movement of trucks collecting garbage, monitoring of garbage bins and information of weight of garbage collected and dumped. For smooth and seamless operation, this would require least human intervention with use of latest technology. Live video streaming of each transfer station, processing station at central operation office with remote announcement system. Several types of reports generated for high authority on real time collected data for betterment of system.


Solid Waste Management: New generation waste watcher

We have developed an smart solid waste mananagement system which enables seemless options to monitor all the work done from solid waste collection from societies to solid waste recycling plant. Smart Solid Waste Management an end to end solution offers automatic GPS tracking of garbage trucks, automatic entry and exit at transfer stations, automatic garbage weight calculation on connected weighing bridges. All data of solid waste management is available on Online Dashboard to generate the several type of reports for administrative purposes. Smart Camera to remotely monitor the real-time actitivies at transfer station along with audio control facility to give the instructions to staff at any time via IoT based announcement system.


Advantages of Smart Solid Waste Management System

GPS & GPRS based Tracking & monitoring movement of each vehicles on the website.
Tracking & monitoring of bins collected from each location.
RFID integrated vehicle entry and weighing of trucks through automatic controlled traffic lights.
Traffic Light for weighing machine traffic control.
LED Display to show daily vehicle count at the transfer station.
Remotely live view of activities at transfer station with connected Cameras.
Generate waste collection & activity reports of each vehicle.

SmartEye a Software Suite of Solid Software Management

Robato's SmartEye a complete software package for solid waste management for automation controls at transfer station and online dashboard application for smart cities central office to watch and control the solid waste management activities.


SmartEye Desktop Application

Automation controls at tranfer station.
Load waste collected data to cloud server.
RFID Boom Gate open & closing.
Automatic entry & exit of garbage vehicle.
Data collection from weighing bridges.
Automatic solid waste weight calculation.
Traffic light controls.
Solid waste management data storage in locally database.
Camera Control for real-time monitoring.

SmartEye Web Portal

Live health status of each device of transfer stations.
Real-time view of tranfer stations by smart camera's.
Remotely Vehicles registeration for transfer stations.
Real-time tracking of garbage trucks.
Weight collected by each trucks.
Several types of reports: daywise, timewise, vehicle wise, etc.
Rest API's for external system integration.

Smart Solid Waste Management Solutions: Employing Technologies

A host of latest technologies can solve different problems in SWM system. Smart Solid Waste Management includes:

Vechicle Tracking System - VTS

Vehicle Tracking Systems employing GSM/GPS/GIS technology can monitor movement of garbage trucks across the city premises. VTS systems have built in route planning and vehicle rostering features to ensure efficient use of vehicles and staff for coverage across the city.



RFID Readers to identify vehicle from fixed unique TAG at transfer station / process station at time of dumping collected waste.


Automatic and secure entry & exit of trucks at transfer station / process plants controlled by Boom Barrier machines.



Traffic light to guide the driver to stop and drive the truck inside the transfer station, several use cases of traffic lights (RED / GREEN) are Weight collection status, weighting machine status.


Garbage dump yard can employ Weight Bridge to measure the weight of truck before and after garbage dumping at transfer station. This can ensure additional check on garbage collected and dumped.



Internet used to transmit information from trucks and dumping yards to Central Control System seamlessly. Hosts of technologies are available today including LTE, 4G, 3G and GPRS.


Smart and connected camera are installed at transfer stations to monitor the real time from Central Control Office.



Internet connected remotely controlled announcement system to give audio announcement to manage the vehicle from Central Control Office.

Management Information System - MIS

Management Information System is the cloud based web server and application for Central Control Team to monitor complete system health, generate several types of reports from collected data, analytics on collected data, and administrative planning on gray areas in the complete system.


Our Success Story

Bhopal, smart city has successfully implemented the Smart Solid Waste management. Real time GPS tracker vehicles information, collected waste (Dry / Wet) at different sites are tracker by MIS and live video recording available at Central Control Office. Smart Announcement System to manage the traffic control at transfer station by real time audio from Central Control System.


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