Process Management System

Process Management System

Process Automation Systems (PAS) are big-ticket items. Whether they are part of new plant construction, an upgrade to an existing facility, or a long-planned plant expansion, deciding how to choose and implement them takes time, money, and plenty of control expertise.
They can be implemented in-house, through a system integrator, and/or in conjunction with a PAS supplier. Along with high price comes high-return expectations on the part of companies and control engineers. Perhaps ironically, some respondents indicate they’re not getting the most from some PAS features because of too-few onsite personnel.
Process Automation Systems has delivered process automation systems to Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of markets, including industrial products, infrastructure, and semiconductors to name a few. Some examples include:

Area of Applications

Multiple machines used in the manufacture of industrial sensors, including pressure test systems, high pressure cleaning systems, and laser welders.

Robotic material handling system to support plastics development and interfacing to an oven.

Robotic material handling system to support automated testing processes for plastics development.

Full-line web handling and assembly system to convert raw material into final product using ultrasonic welding, pneumatic pick-place, stapling, and die cutting processes.

Applications of Process Management

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