Problems with current weighing systems?

Manpower in WeighBridge Management System

Manpower costs

Sites that run 24/7 operations require multiple weighbridge operators, the wages of the operators and the supervisors are a significant cost to the organization.

Delay in WeighBridge Management System

Delay in operations

Manpower-dependent operations always experience delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Errors in WeighBridge Management System

Errors in data capturing

Intentional or unintentional errors in the data capturing can cause significant discrepancies and issues moving ahead in the supply chain operations.

Difficulties in WeighBridge Management System

Difficulty in supervision and reporting

As all the data is manually captured, there are high chances of errors, which are difficult to fix at a later stage, and manually prepared reports are time consuming and inaccurate due to the inaccurate data.

Why should you invest in upgrading your weighbridge?

Intigret WeighBridge Management System

What is WeighEYE?

Introduction of WeighBridge Management System

WeighEYE is a weighbridge software that includes truck weighbridge management, weighbridge indicator, weighbridge specification, electronic & digital weighbridge design, software for weighbridge construction, and automation.

The weighbridge machine software helps to give total control of weighing operations. With complete reporting and automated managing, it helps in easy performing on-site. Our truck weighbridge management software helps to monitor the costings along with improving the site security.

WeighEYE is a perfect solution for you if weighment accuracy, visibility & traceability are prerequisites for your business.

How does an unmanned system works?

01 Phase


This is a fail-safe method to ensure that only authorized trucks are entering the premises. Only after the data is captured from the RFID or the ANPR system, does the boom barrier open, and the truck enters the weighbridge.

phase 1 of WeighBridge Management System
phase 2 of WeighBridge Management System

02 Phase


Mispositioned trucks do not give accurate weighment, this would cause the wrong data to be stored, and affect the rest of the supply chain processes. Our Unmanned System utilized position sensors to ensure that every single truck weighment is accurate.

03 Phase


CCTV/IP cameras are present to enhance security and safety. The system automatically captures various images of the truck, and stores it along with the weighment data. After all the data is stored on the system, the barriers open and the truck is allowed to leave.

Phase 2 of WeighBridge Management System
Phase 4 of WeighBridge Management System

04 Phase

Transaction completion

After the gross/tare weights are measured, automated text alerts/email alerts are shared to all relevant personnel. All the information, including the photos of the truck, are ready to view on all platforms, this includes the software, the cloud server, or the ERP platform.

Hardware Components

Control panel of WeighBridge Management System

Control Panel

RFID Reader / ANPR Camera

vehicle loop detector of WeighBridge Management System

Vehicle Detector

Boom barriers of WeighBridge Management System

Boom Barrier

Traffic lights of WeighBridge Management System

Traffic lights

Led display of WeighBridge Management System

LED display

Annousement Speakers of WeighBridge Management System

Announcement system

Our Success Story

Chattisgarh (KORBA), Lanco Amarkantak Power Limited has successfully implemented the Weighing Management based on RFID System. Real time vehicles trips tracking with above information and live video recording available at Central Control Office. Smart Announcement System to manage the traffic control at station by real time audio from Central Control System.

Bhopal, smart city has successfully implemented the Smart Solid Waste management. Real time GPS tracker vehicles information, collected waste (Dry / Wet) at different sites are tracker by MIS and live video recording available at Central Control Office. Smart Announcement System to manage the traffic control at transfer station by real time audio from Central Control System.

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