Utilize Every Slot of your Parking

A parking sensor system monitors the storage availability in a parking facility and also notifies motorists about the parking availability.


Solution to utilize the parking space up to maximum level without manual force. Parking bay sensor to determine the real time presence of vehicle at specific slot and counting & indication of the empty slot. Highly user-friendly automatic remote controlled parking solution to increase the revenue from parking management industry.

Smarter sensor based parking

Benefits to Parking Management Area

Ultrasonic sensor to determine the presence of vehicle.
Real time detection, counting & Indication of the vacant lots.
Vacant lots Indicates with GREEN color LED and occupied lots with RED color.
LED Display Panels to show for available lots with direction for each row.
LED used to minimize power consumption & increase visibility with long maintenance-free life.
Master Controller interface between Application Software & other Parking devices & Zone Controller.
User Friendly Parking Guidance System Software based on SQL database with level of security.
Automatic day report generation and pushes on defined emails.
De-centralized payment collection software at exit points.

Reasons of Motorist Happiness

Shorter Waiting Time at Car Park Entrance
Guided to Nearest Available Parking Space
No Need to Search, Less Stressful
Saves Fuel and Reduces Tyre Wear
Gains Precious Time, More time to Shop or Dine
Prevent Drivers Fighting over Parking Space
Pollution Less Parking makes Good Feel
Car Parking – A pleasant experience for the motorist
Parking Management - happy driver
Indoor parking guidance system with multiple benefits

Indoor Parking Guidance System

Indoor Parking Guidance System can collect occupancy of parking lot in real time by using the Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor installed right above each parking line. When there is parking space available, the indicator light integrated by the ultrasonic parking detector will change into the red from the green.

The Zone Controller connecting the detector will collect the information of all connected detectors according to roll poling. Parking Count and Sign Display information also updated immediately by Zone controller. Zone controller also send parking lots data to the Central Controller after compression and encoding according to certain rules.

After completing data processing, the Central Controller will send the parking data to main parking LED display of the parking lot to display the information of unoccupied parking so that the function of guiding the cars in entering the unoccupied parking space can realized.

Meanwhile, the Central Controller sends the data to the computer, then the computer will save the data in database server and also upload the data to online server so that the users can enquire into the real-time parking information, yearly, monthly and daily statistics data of the parking lot.

Outdoor Parking Guidance System

ParkLogix Outdoor Parking Guidance System could drastically reduce the amount of time that drivers spend looking for parking spaces. Outdoor wireless parking spot (U-Spot) and counting (U-Flow) sensors to gather the real time parking availability of the various areas. Wireless parking sensors detected if a car is parked over it, and therefore determine whether or not the space is vacant.

Wireless Data Collector acts as a gateway between data server and lot sensors . Wireless gateway receives parking lot information from wireless parking sensors, it communicate parking lots availability to Wireless Display Boards and Parking Management System via Ethernet or Wireless or Cellular Network to online parking platform.

Wireless Communication
High Accuracy
Fast Installation
Work in All Weather
Multi-Year Battery Life
Easy to maintain
Outdoor Parking Management

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ParkLogix Suite Proven | Trusted | Simple

Robato Parking Guidance Software

ParkLogix is comprehensive park management software in one package used by commercial parking operators, airports, municipalities, hospitals, service agencies, enterprises, and government operators. Organizations can use the ParkLogix suite of tools to operate a thousand stall garages, as it is adaptable to any size business.
ParkLogix suite offers end to end solutions designed for the Windows. This online parking Management system software provides access controls, event management, and revenue management, at one place. It provides guard accountability through real-time reporting, on-site accountability, ensuring immediate, instant alerts of critical issues for fast ... response, and with improved employee performance.
ParkLogix software manages the ticket machine, ANPR camera, parking slot sensors, Parking Signage Boards and boom barrier. It also shares information with Parking Guidance Server about vehicle in transit and exit verifier about vehicle exit details. Also contain details of proximity cards and their access rights along with new issue & recharge options. It will open the barrier and give command to ticket dispenser to print ticket depending upon access rights or card use classification of vehicle detected and corresponding button pressed at ticket machine.

Smart Parking Solutions


Vehicles access to airports can turn into chaos if not managed properly, and Automatic parking systems offers single system that provides variety of parking and pick up/drop off options.

campus university parking


Smart Parking Systems can help manage car park usage and monitor trends such as peak hours and driver behaviour.

shopping centres parking

Shopping Centres

Smart Parking Systems are the major requirement of the start and end of the customers shopping at any place.


Robato’s Smart Parking system delivers working solutions to hospitals and medical centers that fulfills the needs of patients, staff and visitors.

munciple corporation parking


Smart cities. Urban reality of the current time across the globe recognizing the need to provide a world of convenience, social responsibility and efficiency for communities to thrive.

Brochure - Smart Parking Solutions


Robato’s ParkLogix system is fully integrates parking guidance, payment and analytics as well as a host of other complementary services and choices. This makes the complete ParkLogix solution truly a sum of its parts, and an industry leader in the technology and parking sector. To find out more, download our company profile.