Parking management in congested cities

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It is a big difficulty for most of the drivers that they do not have access to appropriate parking provisions with guidance. Thus, parking management systems are the need of hour in major cities to manage the growing number of vehicles. These systems will help to create effective solutions for parking management in such cities. Efficient and smart parking management solutions provide numerous advantages which include but not limited to financial, social and environmental sectors. Many parking complex proprietors implement automatic parking measures to mitigate parking difficulties.

Using these smart parking measures, one can increase the efficiency of the services provided by the automatic parking facilities. Wherever, such intelligent parking systems are not available, it creates lot of issues for the users as well as the owners. The significant capacity and quality of the parking complex is undermined due to lack of such smart parking management resources, which further creates a ruckus for the vehicles and their owners. 

Smart parking solutions such as RFID systems are the intelligent solutions for effectively managing the parking systems as per the experts. Facilities can achieve an enhanced version of the parking solutions by incorporating intelligent parking resources in their infrastructure that would prove much beneficial to the users. There are two major steps in accomplishing the implementation of the intelligent parking solutions: firstly, the infrastructure needs to be accurately assessed by the proprietors to ensure that the smart parking solutions can be delivered effectively. Secondly, the smart parking solutions are implementing by using the available resources assessed in first step.

Smart parking system is the basis of the effective management of the parking solutions. It can provide an efficient up gradation to the smooth traffic transitions which will reduce the traffic problems and other associated vehicle costs. This will also minimize the need of off street parking spaces making the road wider and ensure smooth vehicular movement. Most of the parking proprietors tend to the increase their parking management systems as they help generate more revenue and meet their increasing expenses.

Smart / Intelligent Parking management systems include:

 1. RFID Reader on Entry and Exit

2. Ticket Dispenser on Entry Gate

3. Automatic Pay Stations

4. Central Cashier Booth on exit

5. Centralized parking software

6. Parking guidance signboards

7. Parking Row master controller

8. Parking zone controller

Importance of Parking Management System:

 1. Increased driver satisfaction.

2. Fast vehicle movement

3. Unlimited variations available to meet each kind of customer’s expectations

4. Central control system to manage entire parking slots

5. Improved security of the parking complex and vehicles

6. Smartly traffic management

7. Reduce parking expenses

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